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Morning Worship will be held Sunday mornings


at 10:00AM in June, July and August


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Our wonderful, hard-working choir will be on break from June through late August. I would love for other South Plains Presbyterian musicians to step up and take a turn providing special music during the anthem time, or for a prelude or postlude. By “musician,” I mean anyone who loves music, would like to sing, play an instrument, or be in a small ensemble. All ages welcome! Solos, duets, maybe a quartet at times; the variety will enhance our summer services and make them memorable. You do not need any special training, just the interest and the courage to get up in front of our very welcoming congregation and share your music to the glory of God. I am happy to work with you, to accompany you, practice with you, help you pick a piece of music to sing or play. I will have a sign-up sheet on top of the organ. Feel free to email me, call (leave a message if I do not answer), or text.

Blessings, Paula


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Friends in Christ, You may be wondering what the process is for an installed pastor to be called to serve South Plains Presbyterian Church. In order to answer that question well, it is important to explain the goals of an interim period. The interim period between installed pastors is one of the most crucial times in the life of a congregation. It is not just downtime. Rather it is time to engage in a period of reflection about the past, honest assessment of the present reality (both in congregation, and the broader community and culture) and faithful dreaming about and planning for the future. It is a time for a congregation to discover or rediscover who they are as faithful disciples of Christ and as a vital Christian community. The ultimate goal is spiritual renewal and congregational revitalization as it prepares to call a new pastor and move into a future full of hope, faith, and joy. We will seek to accomplish these tasks in the following ways:


This summer, the already-established nominating committee, consisting of Don Ramirez, Audrey Lee, Travis Taylor, Doug Valentine and Bernice Gibson, with the approval of Session, will appoint a Mission Study Team (MST) composed of a diverse group of 5-6 members, with a broad range of skills, experiences and involvement in the life of the congregation. Beginning this fall and continuing over a course of months, the MST will host a variety of congregational gatherings (possibilities include small group discussions, large gatherings, and individual meetings, home visits or visits with people and places in our community) to listen to and gather information and input from as many members of the congregation as possible on the following topics:


• Heritage & Connection

-Gathering histories and faith stories of the congregation, including key moments of conflict, tragedy, celebration and change, noting themes and patterns of behavior, and honoring long-time members;

-Identifying important relationships with other groups and our community: asking who are our neighbors and how are we called to be in relationship with them? Who do we need to re-establish/strengthen connections with?

• Mission & Future

-Asking what our purpose and call are and how we understand our identity as disciples in this time and place;

-Discovering our core values and God’s vision for the future; asking what God’s wishes and dreams for the future of the congregation might be and what goals, plans, and steps can we take to reach them in the short and long term.

• Spiritual Growth & Leadership Development

-Helping people grow and mature spiritually through prayer, bible study, fellowship, service, and connecting their lives to their faith;

-Helping people discover their spiritual gifts and calling, and encouraging them to live them out in our congregation and the world;

-Asking what kinds of leaders we need for the future.

-How can we train and equip lay people to be effective leaders in our congregation?

-What kind of organizational structures do we need to accomplish our mission and ministry in the years to come?


During and after these times of listening and conversation, the MST collects, summarizes and organizes all they have heard into a report that is shared with the whole congregation and from it crafts a brief mission statement to guide the congregation. After a period of review and revision, this report and the accompanying mission statement are adopted by session.


After the MST report is adopted by the session, the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is elected during a congregational meeting. It is beneficial if some of the members of the mission study team also serve on the PNC to maintain continuity of the work done by the congregation during the mission study. With careful review of the mission study report, the PNC works to complete the Ministry Information Form (MIF) which tells potential candidates about the congregation and is used by the Church Leadership Connection (CLC), a denomination-wide database, to help match potential candidates. The PNC then develops a process for evaluating Personal Information Forms (PIFs) and interviewing potential candidates.


After selecting some for face-to-face interviews, they proceed until such time as they are ready to present a candidate to the congregation for a vote. What does the interim pastor do during this time?

1. Fulfill basic pastoral duties, including planning worship, preaching, pastoral care, and church ad- ministration;

2. Cultivate spiritual renewal through preaching and teaching about faith basics and personal discipleship and the nature and calling of the church, including its mission and purpose;

3. Train, support, and participate with the Mission Study Team in their work with the congregation and later train and support (though not participate in) the work of the PNC;

4. Help congregations understand the changes that have taken place in American culture in the last 30 plus years, especially as it relates to faith, community, and identity;

5. Offer the congregation steady encouragement regarding their strengths, their potential, and capacity as well as honest assessment of areas needing development and growth;

6. Guide the congregation and support its leaders as they take risks, dream big, make difficult decisions, and plan for the future.


What can we as the congregation do?

Commit to prayer. Pray regularly, daily even, for God’s will to be done at South Plains Presbyterian Church. Pray for the leaders, that they be guided by God’s Spirit as they make decisions. If prayer isn’t yet a set part of your daily schedule, pick a time to work it in. It can be during a routine activity if it helps you remember - like washing dishes, or brushing your teeth. Or turn off the radio and pray for a few minutes while you drive to work. We as a congregation can meet together to pray for God’s guidance and commit to open and close all meetings with prayer for God’s Spirit to be present and God’s will to be done. This is especially important at times when important decisions will be made.

Commit to participating in the mission study process, attending events when you are able, and sharing your perspective as well as prayerfully listening to others as they share theirs. Be hopeful, and look forward with anticipation and expectation to how God will work in new ways in the life of South Plains Presbyterian Church!

I would like to have a brief congregational gathering after worship on June 17th to answer your questions and further discuss this process.

In Christ, Jewell-Ann

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Library Report


What do Diane Bish, James Herriot, and Bart Ehrman have in common?

They’re all represented in our Church Library thanks to generous donations from members and friends of South Plains. Bill Hitt of First Presbyterian Church gave us a DVD of world-famous organist Diane Bish playing here in Charlottesville in 2014.

THE JOY OF MUSIC is a half-hour video that includes performances by Bish and brief glimpses at First Presbyterian, the campus at UVA, Monticello, Michie Tavern, and the Inn of Court Square – plus brief performances by local musical groups, such as the Alberti Ensemble and the Jubilate (Jue-bill-lot-tee) student choir of University Baptist Church.

Bish is known for wearing sparkly shoes so the camera can better focus on her feet as she pumps the organ pedals. James Herriot is the pen name of James Alfred Wright, a British veterinary who wrote ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL that was the basis for a hit BBC series with the same title. After writing four best sellers, Herriot took a break of ten years before writing EVERY LIVING THING, the book that is now in our Library.

Bart D. Ehrman chairs the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his book LOST CHRISTIANITIES, Ehrman explored the great variety of Christian beliefs and practices that were winnowed out as the early church organized around one consistent system. In the LOST SCRIPTURES, a companion to LOST CHRISTIANITIES, Ehrman provides the actual text of more than three dozen writings that did not make it into the New Testament, thus providing a thought-provoking glimpse of the many different pathways discussed and ultimately rejected by early Christian leaders.


You can find these and 613 other fascinating books and DVDs in the Church Library – just go downstairs in Kirk Hall and turn right.

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-The Virginia Interfaith Center is launching a Living Wage campaign in the Charlottesville- Albemarle area, and we are invited to join. The statewide organization, Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, has been the voice for the faith community in Virginia, focusing on issues of economic and racial justice. The goal for this campaign is to raise the issue of Living Wage with local businesses in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. If you are interested, email Kim Crater.


-Bible Conference and Church Music Conference at Massanetta Springs, July 22-28. Deadline for early bird registration is May 31 to save $40 on registration fee.


-Massanetta Springs, Beyond Thoughts and Prayers , faithful responses to gun violence in America. June 1-2.


-Do you need help at home or require assistance caring for a family member? Lisa Climer would like to recommend a trustworthy and experienced friend who is retiring from her public school position and seeking part time work as a private sitter/companion. Please contact Lisa if you are interested.


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