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“to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord.” Over two-thousand years ago, a prince was born. The people were informed, but no one, except a few shepherds, took notice of the blessed event. Moreover, not only was this child a prince, but a savior of humanity, the Messiah, the Son of David, and the Son of God. Nevertheless, life went on as usual. There were no headlines in the morning paper. No large crowds gathered outside the stable waiting on the word concerning the birth. No paparazzi were snapping pictures. There was no doctor, no midwife, no hospital, and no room in the inn.
This newborn, who would be called King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who would have placed above his head on the day of his death a sign reading “Here is the King of the Jews,” spent his first night in a stable surrounded by his mother and father, some animals, and a group of shepherds.
This King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Prince of Peace, was God in human form. God entered this world not in a palace. Sanitary conditions went out the window. He chose to enter this world, enter our lives, in a simple family, in a lowly stable.
Do you think that immediately after his birth he stood and started preaching? No. He was like the rest of us when we were born—helpless, scared, hungry, and cold. He left the warmth of his mother’s womb and entered the cold night air with its new smells, new sounds, and new sensations. When God chose to enter history in the form of a human being, he did it as every other human being has to do it: through the birth process. Imagine it. Here was the almighty God who created the world, who will judge all humanity, helpless, vulnerable, and dependent upon human parents for survival. He had to be nursed, bathed, and nurtured.
This is the beauty of the Christmas message. God became like us, not as a fully-grown adult, but as a child who had to grow, mature, and learn like every other human being. He was born into a simple, common family. Yet the events that surrounded them were profound. With the birth of this child, the world would never be the same again.
Christ has come, and he comes again this Christmas. He comes as a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. Because of him, our lives have to be different. We must confront almighty God in this little baby. We cannot ignore him. If we do, we are only fooling ourselves. Neither can we look at this infant without seeing the cross of Calvary looming in the shadows. In this man Jesus, born of Mary and hung on a tree, was God in human form. This God is no longer far off and distant from us, but is now one of us. He came not out of any kind of sadistic notion but out of love for us—love for you and me.
Out of the starry sky that both the shepherds and the wise men would look to, God cared enough to come. He cares about you and about me. He cared enough to come then, and he cares enough to come now. Are you willing to welcome him into your hearts this Advent and Christmas season?
From the Channells to all of you, may God fulfill your hopes and dreams during this Holy season.
Pastor Kevin and Family
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Join us on the afternoon of Sunday, December 18 (3-5pm) for our annual Christmas Caroling to homebound members and friends, followed by a wonderful Christmas gathering at Dick Tinsler’s home on Llama Lane, beginning at 5:30pm.
You are all invited to join us for caroling - we have a group that carols to folks at Lake Monticello and surroundings and a group that carols to folks in town. Then finish up your day with singing, food and fellowship at the home of Dick Tinsler. Or you can just join us at the Tinsler home.
Watch for a sign-up sheet in Kirk Hall to sign up for a caroling group and/or attendance at the Tinsler gathering.
All ages are welcome. Car pools will be arranged. If you have any questions, please contact Diane Stallings (Congregational Care) or Barbara Shaffer (Worship and Music).
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The Polity of the Presbyterian Church Presbyterian churches are led by their congregations through elected representatives who form the Session. Last month we elected Mary Anne Fitzgerald, Bernice Gibson and Steve Anderson as elders to serve us on Session for the next three years.
The Session’s role is to provide for the effective and smooth running of the church – spiritually and materially. South Plains has a nine member Session, plus the minister. The minister’s role as a member of the Session is to moderate meetings and to serve the Session and congregation. He has one vote. Ministers are accountable to the Presbytery.
All the business of the church comes through the Session from the smallest to the largest task and request. Things such as vetting and approving the Sunday School teachers and nursery workers each year, renovations to the Sanctuary, repairs to Kirk Hall, hanging art, posting flyers, accepting gifts, use of church property, etc., must all have the permission of the Session. These processes are outlined in the Book of Order (copies in the church library) and in the Policy Manual located in the church office.
When needs arise in the church or the community, any response from the church – in the name of the church – must be discussed and approved by the Session. The polity (form of government) of the church requires Session approval for actions taken in the name of South Plains or use of its resources. Session approval will usually result in the Session, rather than an individual, making the request of the congregation. Individuals are free to act as they choose when they do not claim to represent the church or use church property or resources.
Every week the names and telephone numbers of the Session members are printed on the bulletin. They are posted in the display case outside the church office and on the church’s website. If you’d like to know more about the Session and Presbyterian polity just ask a Session member. We are here to serve.
Love in Christ, The Session
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We welcome you to invite friends, family, and neighbors to join us as we worship our Lord and Savior throughout the season of Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. On Sundays during Advent, the children of our church will assist us in preparing for the birth of Christ during the Time for Children at each service.
Sunday, December 4 -2nd Sunday in Advent: Peace - Communion Sunday - choir will sing at the 11am service.
Sunday, December 11 - 3rd Sunday in Advent: Joy - choir will sing at the 8:30am service. Sunday, December 18 - 4th Sunday in Advent: Love - choir will sing at the 11am service.
Saturday, December 24 - Candlelight Christmas Eve services - lessons and carols with communion - 5pm and 7pm. Sunday, December 25 - Christmas Day - 10am combined worship service.
Also, share the joy of the Christmas season with homebound neighbors and friends by participating in Christmas caroling on Sunday, December 18, from 3-5pm, followed by a festive gathering at Dick Tinsler’s home starting at 5:30pm. Save the date/time: Please note that on Sunday, January 1, we will have a combined worship service at 10am with the Rev. Gordon Lindsey in our pulpit.
Come and celebrate the start of the New Year by offering our praise to God! 
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Presbyterian Women News


All women of the church are invited to join us for our annual Christian Presbyterian Women potluck gathering. When: Monday, December 12, 5pm, at Sandy Day’s home (832 Jefferson Drive in Lake Monticello). Please RSVP to Sandy at 589-6747 and let her know if you need to be called in to the Lake Monticello front gate. This will be a combined gathering of both PW groups.
What to bring: a potluck dish to share, your Bible and PW Horizons Bible study: Who is Jesus? - According to John (Lesson 4), and a small gift for a fun gift exchange ($5 max).
If you would like to carpool for this gathering, please contact Barbara Shaffer.
We always welcome new members to join us at any point during the program year for Bible study, mission work, sharing each others’ joys and sorrows, and growing together in faith as Christian women.
For more information, please contact Kellee Eastwood (589-2705) or Barbara Shaffer (207-4355). 
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• Fluvanna Singers’ Concert at Carysbrook. December 3, 7:30pm and December 4, 3pm.
• No Sunday School classes on December 25 or January 1.
• Christmas at Massanetta Springs. Dinner and a concert on December 3, 6pm. More information at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
• “Join us at Camp Hanover for a wonderful Christmas as a candlelit trail winds through the woods, transporting you back in time. Along your journey, meet other travelers, shepherds, kings and angels. Immerse yourself in the greatest story every told.” This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
• Mary Beth Smyth: 250 Pantops Mtn Road, CL2316, Charlottesville 22911 434-972-2656 
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