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2016 Christmas Gift Fair PDF Print E-mail

                                Christmas is coming in December!

                                           BUT FIRST----------

            The Christmas Gift Fair is coming to South Plains in November !

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I have enjoyed preaching from the Narrative Lectionary. It has given me the opportunity to revisit stories and events that I have glossed over in recent memory. One of those is the story of Jacob and his two wives Rachel and Leah. They were sisters, and Leah was the older of the two.
When Jacob left home following his deceit of his father Isaac and his brother Esau, he traveled some distance to Haran, which is on the border between modern day Turkey and Syria. There he stopped at a well and met Rachel. He kissed her and introduced himself. It was love at first sight. She took him to meet her father and family. Scripture tells us that “Leah’s eyes were lovely, and Rachel was graceful and beautiful. Jacob loved Rachel.” Jacob and the girls’ father, Laban, reached an agreement. Jacob would work for Laban for seven years. At the end of the seven years, Laban would give Rachel to be Jacob’s wife.
However, nothing in scripture turns out the way we expect. At the end of seven years, Jacob married whom he thought was Rachel. But Laban pulled a fast one, and he married Leah instead. Angry but not willing to accept defeat, Jacob agreed to work for seven more years in order to marry Rachel. In the end, Jacob was married to both sisters.
Of course, there was rivalry between the two. The conflict arose when Rachel discovered that she was barren. Leah on the other hand had six sons. Rachel gave Jacob her handmaiden to have sons in her name. The handmaiden had two sons. Not to be outdone, Leah gave Jacob her handmaiden for the same purpose. She also had two sons. After all of this drama, Rachel conceived; and she bore a son named Joseph. Then she conceived a second time; however, this time she died in childbirth.
While Leah is never noted for any heroic acts and is only rarely attributed with outstanding virtues, she is clearly strong. Though she lived in the shadow of her more beautiful sister, her legacy is profound. Her six sons would become the ancestors of six of the twelve tribes of Israel. Both genealogies in Matthew and Luke trace Jesus’ lineage through Judah, Leah’s firstborn. At the end of her life, she was buried in a place of honor, at Machpelah, in Canaan, where Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah were buried. At the end of his life, Jacob was not buried beside Rachel whom he loved, but beside Leah.
Though Jacob loved Rachel, scripture never tells us how he felt about Leah. They spent their whole lives together, and after Rachel died, it is certain that they comforted, supported, and cherished one another through the years. Leah is a woman of strength and integrity. She was one of God’s chosen instruments through which blessings have come to the world. Jacob was the second born and the one God chose. Leah was the first born but lived in the shadow of her sister and was second in the eyes of Jacob. Didn’t someone say something about the first being last and the last being first.
Leah is a reminder that God chooses us not because of our beauty or abilities, but by the strength of our character and our devotion to his purposes. Each of us is Leah. Each of us has lived in someone else’s shadow. Each of us has experienced disappointment and crushed dreams. But we are God’s chosen. How God will use us and our children and grand-children is beyond our ability to see. But through faithfulness and devotion, something beautiful will happen.
Pastor Kevin
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We all care about hungry people, but what can just one person do? You can join in the local CROP Hunger Walk to raise your voice against hunger and raise funds to help hungry people around the world and here in our own area. OR you can support somebody who is walking in the CROP Walk.
Here’s how it works: people walk together to help end hunger one step at a time in a three or six mile walk around Charlottesville. Other people make pledges to support the walkers. Funds raised are used in hunger programs: 25% remains for two local programs, Meals on Wheels and the Emergency Food Network, and 75% is used by Church World Service to meet regional and worldwide needs.
This year we are walking in fond memory of Barbara and Rick Bowie. They both were passionate about supporting hunger concerns throughout the year, but especially loved the annual Fall CROP WALK. They took part in the WALK each year until failing health prohibited their participation. In the later years, Rick used his cane and Barbara walked slowly; but they were doing their part. We shall remember their dedication to helping the hungry as we support and participate in the CROP WALK this year.
The Charlottesville-Albemarle CROP Hunger Walk will take place October 9, 2016, gathering at 1pm at First Presbyterian Church, and the WALK starting at 1:30pm. Pledge forms are available after worship, in the office at South Plains, or see Pat Valentine or Leah Wayner to register to walk.
You may wish to support all South Plains walkers with a single check, or support specific walkers with individual checks. In either case, make checks payable to CROP Walk. Please be generous.
Small gift: YES! Large Gift? YES! Whether it’s your FEET or your FUNDS, YOU can help!
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October 2 - Join us for World Communion Sunday. Anna Barnett Klinger, granddaughter of Judy and Dennis Dutterer will be baptized at the 11am service. Anna is the daughter of Emily Dutterer Klinger and Nicholas Anthony Klinger. After the morning worship services on October 2, members of Session and Pastor Kevin will be visiting homebound members and friends who are interested in having Extended Communion. This Communion is an extension of the worship service, so a synopsis of the sermon will be provided, along with reading of the Scripture of the Day, and time for fellowship.
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Presbyterian Women News


You are invited to join us in studying Lesson Two of our new Horizons Bible study: Who is Jesus? - According to Matthew.
Two options are available:
• Monday, October 10, 9:30am in Kirk Hall at South Plains
• Monday, October 10 (we switched back to Monday evening for October), 7pm at Lynn Anderson’s home (272 Spring Meadow Lane, Keswick (434-202-2737).
If you would like to carpool for either of these gatherings, please contact Barbara Shaffer. We always welcome new members to join us at any point during the program year for Bible study, mission work, sharing each other's joys and sorrows, and growing together in faith as Christian women. For more information, please contact Kellee Eastwood (589-2705) or Barbara Shaffer (207-4355).
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 • A warm welcome to Brooke McCauley. Brooke joined South Plains on August 28, 2016.


 • New address for Mary Beth Smyth as of October 6: Apt. 2316. 972-2656.


 • Community Thanksgiving Service on Tuesday, November 22, 7pm, at Charlottesville Nazarene Church.

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