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The date was July 4, 1980, and I was stationed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. It was the first time I had ever spent Independence Day anywhere other than the good old US of A. All of the barracks residents gathered atop the barracks, complete with a grill, good food, everyone’s favorite beverage, with music blaring from a friend’s stereo. From our vantage point, we were able to watch the fireworks display provided by the military. A great evening was had by all. 
You should know two things. First, Okinawa is several hours ahead of the US, which meant that when we were celebrating the “fourth,” it was actually the “third" back here at home. Now given that fact, we GI’s took advantage of an excuse to have another party on the barracks roof the following day as well. Secondly, July fifth just happened to be a special holiday on Okinawa that involved, you guessed it, fireworks. Again, with our vantage point atop the barracks, we were provided with another amazing fireworks display provided by the government of Okinawa. This was not only the first and only time I ever celebrated the fourth outside the continental US, but I did it two days in a row, complete with light shows. 
However, this was during a time of peace for our nation. The only war was the Cold War. Though we were the front line of defense against the then USSR, there was no conflict—no bombs, nobody shooting at each other. The fireworks had entertainment value only. 
This Independence Day, I will pause, as I hope and know you will as well, and remember those patriotic citizens who will be spending this holiday on foreign soil. All of them are far from cookouts, baseball, Mom or apple pie. Many will be living in makeshift barracks, eating in a mess hall or MREs, and the fireworks may be live ammunition. While we celebrate, they will be standing guard. While we gather with family, they will huddle in a foxhole. Let us not forget to think of them this holiday weekend. 
We are also reminded of the men and women who for more than 230 years have been defending our shores from invading forces. We remember that cold winter at Valley Forge, and the brave men who signed the Declaration of Independence that began our fight for freedom. May we never forget their sacrifice, and may we pray for the coming day when swords will be beaten into plowshares, and spears into pruning hooks. One day, there will be no more wars, no more terror, and no more violence. There will be peace; a peace that Christ will bring, a peace that will never end. 
It is the prayer of the Channell family that each of you will have a joyful and safe 4th of July. May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts always. May God bless each of you! May God bless our military personnel and their families! May God bless America!
Pastor Kevin
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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s Mission Crafters collection for dedication on June 7. The sanctuary and fellowship hall were bright with beautiful baby caps, blankets, sweaters, quilts, veterans’ bags and more. All will be contributed to mission programs for distribution as needed around the world. Able craftswomen and generous gifts of time provide valuable supplies that are shared, along with the Good News of the love of Jesus Christ, who said, “As you have cared for the least of these, you have cared for me.” 
Mission Crafters has received two enormous gifts of yarn. If you are a knitter or crotchetier and would like some yarn, please see Shirley Chronister, Lyn Johnson or Pat Valentine after worship any Sunday - or leave your name in the office and we’ll get back to you. We are eager to share this yarn for mission projects or your own projects as we do not have storage capacity to keep the yarn indefinitely. 
Mission Crafters continues to work on Habitat for Humanity samplers. We have nearly 100 kits ready for anyone who is interested in a helpful, easy, and beautiful cross stitch project. This is a great vacation/ travel project. Kits are available in the Mission Room at the end of the long hall upstairs in Kirk Hall.
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Library Report by Bob Tracinski


Thanks to all those who contribute their books. Recent donations to the Library include many Bibles and the following titles:



• New Testament in Modern English, translated by J. B. Phillips.


• Dartmouth Bible • Layman’s Parallel Bible, published by Zondervan


• With Wings of Eagles by William B. Oglesby Jr.


• Joshua: Man of Fearless Faith by W. Phillip Keller


• What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson


• The Story of Job by Jessie Penn-Lewis


• Chronological Charts of Church History by Robert C. Walton Y



ou can find these publications and more than 375 books . . . In the Church Library. 

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Presbyterian Women News – July 2015



Presbyterian Women at South Plains are excited about our upcoming Fall Horizons Bible study: “Come to the Waters” by Judy Record Fletcher. This study looks at the rich imagery of water throughout the Bible; and just as water nourishes our body, so the scriptures on water nourish our souls. In the Old Testament we learn about stories of water in God’s creation of the earth; God’s people being protected from raging waters; God’s people experiencing thirst in the desert and God providing them water; and water being used in ritual cleanings. Then we move into the New Testament where water is instrumental in baptism; water is turned into wine; and Jesus and the Samaritan woman engaging in conversation by a well. Just as we cannot live without water, so as Christians we cannot live without the Word of God. In this study, water and the Word go hand in hand to enable us to learn more about God and how He would have us live our lives. 

We will begin our meetings on the second Monday in September – 9:30 a.m. (in Kirk Hall) and 7 p.m. (at members’ homes). Contact either Kellee Eastwood or Barbara Shaffer if you would like a study book ordered for you. We welcome new members to consider joining us this year as we study and pray together, and deepen our faith and Christian sisterhood.
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• Kudos to the Mission Crafters and others for sewing/knitting/ working/organizing/decorating all the items for Medical Benevolence.
• Thank you to Leah Wayner, Mission Committee Chairperson, for bringing Martha Wood from AIM and Cindy Thacker from Mission of Hope, Bolivia, to speak at our luncheon on June 7.
• Union Grove is having their 2nd FUN DAY, YARD SALE and BAKE SALE on Saturday, July 18 at the Harris Field on Black Cat Road. They are asking
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