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“Give in Response To God’s Love”

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Arthur was my mother’s cousin. He worked at a factory in Lynchburg, VA. He had a wife, Sally, and three kids. One Sunday morning as they were coming home from church, he turned to Sally and told her that he believed God was calling him to be a minister.
They talked about that for a few minutes and then the subject was dropped. Nothing else was said about it. After a couple of weeks had gone by, Arthur came home from work one day and Sally reminded him of their conversation. “You said that God was calling you to the ministry. What are you going to do about it?” Arthur replied that he could not just up and leave his work to go to school. He had three kids to provide for. To which Sally countered, “God knew you had three kids when he called you. If you take care of God’s business he will take care of yours.”
Arthur left work and went to school. Upon graduation, he ministered to several small churches in Virginia for over twenty years.
This past summer we experienced a wonderful event—our Family Bible School. Under the direction of Pat Valentine, Bob Tracinski, Mary Anne Fitzgerald, and Hattie Douglas, more than one hundred children and adults learned about ancient Rome, and the Apostle Paul. There were puppets, and drama, Bible studies and great food. As I stood back and watched, I was amazed at the numbers of people that were involved. From the kitchen help, to the furniture movers, to the artisans, and actors and puppeteers, family group leaders, and even buglers, members of both the UGBC congregation and the SPPC congregation provided leadership, labor, and energy.
Many times, over the course of our Christian journey, God calls us to step out of our comfort zone to serve. Sometimes we sacrifice the things we would rather be doing, in order to serve Christ. Like Arthur and Sally, we are sometimes called to let go of what we think we need to be doing, and step out in faith. I have always remembered Sally’s comment, “If you take care of God’s business he will take care of yours.”
Have you ever felt the nudge to step out of the security of your life to venture into the unknown with God? Have you ever thought that God has something more for you to do? Are you reluctant to take a chance because of the sacrifice it would require? Sometimes we just need to answer God’s question, “Whom shall I send?” with “Here I am Lord.”
What is God calling you to do? It does not have to be as drastic as going to seminary. There is room in the choir for those who have God’s gift of music. Our committees need good, wise members. We need generous supporters and reluctant ones as well, in order to accomplish what God would have us do. Most of all, your church needs your prayers to stay the course. What is God calling you to do? There are many shoes to be filled, some may fit, some may not, but you will never know what great things God has in store for you until you try them on.
Pastor Kevin
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Vacation Bible School 2015
Rome: Life Lessons from Paul
For over a decade South Plains Presbyterian Church, in Keswick, has shared Family Bible School with across-the-road neighbors at Union Grove Baptist Church.     The two churches also worship together on the Sunday before and after Bible School and share occasional fellowship activities throughout the year.
Leaders from both congregations create and plan the program.    This year over seventy adult leaders shared time, talent, energy, and love in enormous portions.    Students of all ages (ages 2-100) were invited.      A total of 136 children and adults, leaders, friends, relatives, and neighbors registered, the largest attendance to date.      
Rome: Life Lessons from Paul.    Each evening students and leaders “traveled” to Ancient Rome where the Apostle Paul taught important lessons about God’s love and Christian living.    To reflect the theme the Kitchen Team prepared dinners using menus that echoed the cuisine of Ancient (and modern) Rome.     Fellowship at meals was followed by a lively time of music and praise.      
In Kirk Hall at South Plains a stately interior Roman Forum featured enormous columns and  authentic period furniture recreated for the program.    The Forum was also the setting for nightly puppet shows and theatre-in-the-round presentations.    Muppet-sized puppets related Paul’s messages.    Full-costume dramas introduced Paul and his centurion host,  as well as a majestic Magistrate, a thoughtful Senator, gentle Timothy, and the dreaded Nero.  Teen and Adult classes were treated to Schola, an opportunity to focus on life and culture in Ancient Rome at the time of Paul’s imprisonment.     
The colorful outdoor Marketplace bustled with energetic shopkeepers hawking their wares and their skills.    Students created Roman crafts at ten vibrant workshops featuring leather, metal, pottery, mosaics, carpentry, herbs, fibers, and more.    Recreation activities at  Circus Maximus included tugs of war, Roman “chariots,” and other lively events.     
Rome: Life Lessons from Paul.   What a wonderful trip!
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Presbyterian Women News – September 2015


Join us to kick off the beginning of the PW 2015-2016 calendar year! We will be reading Lesson One of our new Horizons Bible
study: Come to the Waters.
Two options are available:

  - Monday, September 14 at 9:30 a.m. in Kirk Hall at South Plains.

  - Monday, September 14 at 7 p.m. at Barbara Shaffer’s home – 25 West Lake Forest Drive – 207-4355. Please let Barbara

know if you will be attending so she can add you to the Lake Monticello gate list.
If you would like to carpool for either of these gatherings, please let Barbara Shaffer know.
We always welcome new members to join us at any point during the program year for Bible study, mission work, sharing each
others’ joys and sorrows, and growing together in faith as Christian women.
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Thank you to everyone who contributed to this year’s Mission Crafters collection for dedication on June 7. The sanctuary and fellowship hall were bright with beautiful baby caps, blankets, sweaters, quilts, veterans’ bags and more. All will be contributed to mission programs for distribution as needed around the world. Able craftswomen and generous gifts of time provide valuable supplies that are shared, along with the Good News of the love of Jesus Christ, who said, “As you have cared for the least of these, you have cared for me.” 
Mission Crafters has received two enormous gifts of yarn. If you are a knitter or crotchetier and would like some yarn, please see Shirley Chronister, Lyn Johnson or Pat Valentine after worship any Sunday - or leave your name in the office and we’ll get back to you. We are eager to share this yarn for mission projects or your own projects as we do not have storage capacity to keep the yarn indefinitely. 
Mission Crafters continues to work on Habitat for Humanity samplers. We have nearly 100 kits ready for anyone who is interested in a helpful, easy, and beautiful cross stitch project. This is a great vacation/ travel project. Kits are available in the Mission Room at the end of the long hall upstairs in Kirk Hall.
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Library Report by Bob Tracinski


Thanks to all those who contribute their books. Recent donations to the Library include many Bibles and the following titles:



• New Testament in Modern English, translated by J. B. Phillips.


• Dartmouth Bible • Layman’s Parallel Bible, published by Zondervan


• With Wings of Eagles by William B. Oglesby Jr.


• Joshua: Man of Fearless Faith by W. Phillip Keller


• What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson


• The Story of Job by Jessie Penn-Lewis


• Chronological Charts of Church History by Robert C. Walton Y



ou can find these publications and more than 375 books . . . In the Church Library. 

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• Kudos to the Mission Crafters and others for sewing/knitting/ working/organizing/decorating all the items for Medical Benevolence.
• Thank you to Leah Wayner, Mission Committee Chairperson, for bringing Martha Wood from AIM and Cindy Thacker from Mission of Hope, Bolivia, to speak at our luncheon on June 7.
• Union Grove is having their 2nd FUN DAY, YARD SALE and BAKE SALE on Saturday, July 18 at the Harris Field on Black Cat Road. They are asking
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