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I feel a little confused. According to the calendar, this is October. That means it is the autumn season. Yes, the leaves are falling. Yes, some leaves are changing color. But the temperatures betray us. This is one of my favorite times of year: when expected cooler temperatures bring relief from the heat of summer.

The seasons mark more than the passage of time, but are a reminder that you and I are just passengers on this celestial ball. As the earth rotates the sun, and the sea- sons come and go, we know that God is the one in charge. Neither you nor I can stop the changing cycles. I cannot stop the heat of summer, and you who dread the winter cannot stop the snowflake. Therefore, we each enjoy that season which we cherish.

The same can be said about our lives. Through the passage of time, each of us has experienced some event, some rite of passage that sets us on a new path, in a new direction. In writing this I recall my time in Okinawa. I grew up as a child of the church; and, I knew how I was supposed to live. Yet, I chose a different path and led a life that was less than honorable. My life did not include God or his teaching and only led to misery and unhappiness. Then one day I turned around and found our Lord standing behind me beckoning me to come back to him. Though I had turned my back on him, he never turned from me.

Nevertheless, with patience, he waited for my return. Then in turning, he laid before me the path of ministry that I have followed since. A path that has not always been smooth, but at times filled with pitfalls and detours, yet a path that I did not walk alone but with him. Through the death of my parents and two siblings, numerous trips to the ER and sitting in OR waiting rooms, facing my own demons and fears, I have felt his hand upon my shoulder. God has always been there.

Each of you, as you reflect upon your own journey of faith, can find those mo- ments, those seasons of God’s choosing that have altered the course of your life as well. Those paths that we travel have brought us together—me with you and you with each other. Now our journey is one of shared experiences.


The journey that is before us will continue to have pitfalls, moments of confu- sion, times of sadness and moments of joy. Nevertheless, our journey will be one filled with the knowledge that we do not travel alone. Together we have another companion, who at times is hidden and at times his presence exposed, but who never leaves us alone. God is with us in times of confusion and discernment, times of heartache and joy.

As the pictures and stories of those who have lost so much through the forces of nature inundate us, let us find comfort in knowing that as we are never alone and neither are they. You and I cannot say just how or where God will show himself, but God is with them. He is with them in their heartache, their anxiety, and their doubts. God is with them. In God’s own way, God’s own time, God’s own season, he will reveal himself and grant them consolation and a new vision. Let us continually lift them before God that they may see and know God’s unlimited grace and mercy.

Pastor Kevin

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We are excited to announce that Otto Pebworth will begin as our Interim Director of Music at the Wednesday, September 27 choir rehearsal. He will be playing the organ and directing the choir for the 11am worship service, allowing Margaret to retire from the responsibilities of anthem selection and choir rehearsal and direction. Margaret has offered to continue to play the organ for the 8:30am worship service so that music can still be a part of the worship experience; and we are pleased to accept her offer. The choir will not be singing at the 8:30am service during this interim period, but we expect there will be occasional special music offerings provided.


Our Music Director Search Committee will continue the process of working toward finding a permanent Director of Music. Please keep this committee in your prayers during the search process, as we are one of many churches looking for an organist.


The Worship and Music Ministry at Heritage Inn Assisting Living at Pantops meets Fridays from 10-11:30am We welcome members and friends of South Plains to join us, any Friday morning you are available, for worship and lots of hymn singing. For more information, please contact Joanne Addotta at (434)589-4941. Come make a joyful noise to the Lord with the residents at Heritage Inn!

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Presbyterian Women News


Joanne Addotta will be leading us in Lesson Two of the new 2017-18 Horizon’s Bible Study – “Cloud of Witnesses: The Community of Christ in Hebrews” by Melissa Bane Sevier.

In nine lessons, Ms. Sevier invites us to explore major themes found in Hebrews, relate these themes to other parts of our faith tradition, and then tie them together with the overarching motif of community. Join hundreds of thousands of thoughtful Christians who will be sharing this study together in the coming months.

In October we will be meeting on:

Monday, October 9 at 9:30 a.m. in Kirk Hall Tuesday, October 10 at 7 p.m. in Kirk Hall

Each lesson can stand on its own; so if you have missed any lessons, you will still enjoy joining the Bible study at any point during the program year. We welcome new members to join us for Bible study, mission work, sharing each others’ joys and sorrows, and growing together in faith as Christian women.

For more information, please contact Kellee Eastwood at 589-2705 or Barbara Shaffer at 207-4355.


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Library Report



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  • Fluvanna County Habitat for Humanity will hold its 20th house dedication on Sunday, September 17 at 3pm. “A special occasion as we celebrate with the homeowner, honor our commitment to build affordable homes, and thank the people, churches, and companies in our wonderful community that help make our mission possible.” The house is located at 247 Charney Way, across from lake Christian Church (733 South Boston Road).

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. You may give to help PDA bring hope and healing to Texas families im- pacted by Hurricane Harvey. You may send a check to Presbyterian Church (USA), P. O. Box 643700, Pitts- burgh, PA 15264-3700; donate by phone 1-800-872-3283; or write a check to SPPC with PDR in the memo line. Your prayers for courage for those who are suffering are always welcome.

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