What kind of church are you? We’re middle of the road Christians, members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), with a conventional worship service that we’re willing to spice up from time to time.

How old is the church? The congregation was organized in 1819 and given the use of about five acres from the Rogers’ plantation.  We believe the building was constructed about 1830.  The land was formally transferred to the church in 1871.

What do Presbyterians believe? We are in the mainstream of historic, orthodox Christianity; Protestants who trace our lineage to John Calvin and Scotland.  We are a confessional church which means we have adopted a Book of Confessions with eleven documents dating from AD 391 to 1989.

Where does the name come from? “Presbyterian” has its roots in the Greek word for elder, “presbuteros.”  Our church government is by elders elected by the people of the congregation.  In addition to the Book of Confessions (see above) our constitution has a Book of Order.  As a representative democracy with a constitution, we are similar in some ways to the US government.

Where is South Plains Church exactly? We’re located on the corner of the Louisa and Black Cat Roads, Rt 22 and Rt 616 in Keswick, VA., about two miles from US 250, six miles east of Charlottesville.  Although our physical address is 410 Black Cat Road, we receive mail at P.O. Box 277, Keswick, VA 22947. (Please see “Location” under About Us for a map)

When are services? We worship at 10 AM every Sunday.

How many members do you have? Our membership in 2017 is 112 confirmed, active members plus children.  We have visitors every Sunday.

Is there Sunday School? Yes.  In 2012 we have five graded Sunday School classes for children and two adult classes.  We have expanded the number of classes with the addition of our new building.

What’s your mission? As a historic church community with a mission for the future we believe that our mission is:

    • To worship God in joy and thanksgiving,
    • To witness to the good news of God’s saving grace in Jesus Christ,
    • To serve the world through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

What does the future hold? South Plains Presbyterian Church is growing —

    • Physically with the new Kirk Hall building,
    • Numerically with more members, and,
    • Spiritually as we learn and serve.