2019 will be here in no time and the 200th Anniversary committee has been hard at work to compile a year-long program of CELEBRATION for the entire congregation. We will celebrate our founding, history, and traditions that have made us the congregation we are today. There is so much woven into our current church life that was present for the 6 f

ounding members of South Plains church. Did you know there are over 150 hymns in the pew hymnal that were written prior to 1819 and would have been sung by the earliest congregants? Do you know the stories of the families in the cemetery and their contributions to the church? Do you know the role South Plains has played over our 2 centuries in the wider Presbyterian church? Missions? As we celebrate our “roots” we will also celebrate our present and in doing so reveal a bright future for our thriving congregation. The Anniversary celebrations will begin on Epiphany, January 6, 2019, the first Sunday of the year!!! We look forward to a rich and rewarding appreciation of the history of this congregation and the people who, by example, made us an enduring, faithful, worshipping community as we celebrate together.