South Plains Presbyterian Church

God so loved the world

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• The Church website is being redesigned.

• The members of the Nominating Committee are: Bernice Gibson and Donald Ramirez from Session and Audrey Lee, Doug Valentine and Travis Taylor from the congregation.

• The members of the Mission Study Team are: Jay Chronister, Travis Taylor, Kellee Eastwood, Lyn Johnson, and Leah Wayner.

• The Lay reader will go forward with Pastor Parton at the beginning of the service.

• Unleavened bread will be served for communion.

• The Christmas Fair dates will be switched to November 17-18 with set-up on the 16th.

• The offering for the four Sundays of May totaled $17,376.52.

• It had been noticed that bank scams are on the rise. Please be aware.

• FBS dates are July 15-18, 2018.

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