• We’ve received a thank you note from the Haiti Purpose Group thanking us for our sup- port of Cindy Corell and her work in Haiti.

  • A note from Cindy Corell (which is in fellowship hall): This ministry of ours lifts me every- day. Thank you for supporting our work here, for keeping us all in your prayers, for sup- porting us financially, and for listening to our stories.

  • American Legion Post 2003 officers were installed: Gary Kuhns as the Judge Advocate/ Adjutant, and Joanne Addotta as Chaplain (pro-temp).

  • Fritz Dietz received the Post’s Legionnaire of the Year Award.

  • Massanetta Springs Camp & Conference Center: Starting the Conversation - October 19-20.

    This seminar will provide tools and resources to empower participants to prepare our selves and family members to face major life decisions surrounding the aging process, serious illness, and end-of-life care. Visit website for more information.