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Community Announcements


Union Grove Baptist Church

Requests your attendance to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary Service of their Pastor, the Reverend Arnette M. White.
Sunday, April 23, 11am service. The Reverend Mildred Best preaching. Union Grove Baptist Church Choir. Lunch will be served at 1pm.

Fluvanna Habitat for Humanity Faith Build

Friday, April 21
The missions committee of SPPC is forming a Faith Build team for the Fluvanna County Habitat for Humanity. FCHFH is developing Houchen’s Place, a 20-house mixed income development near Lake Monticello on route 600 across from Lake Christian Church. Excavation of the site is completed and the foundation of the first house has been laid. On Friday, April 21 we will be the first Faith Build team to install the floor of the first house.
This mission will begin at 8:00AM with a safety meeting. The job will include carrying 16-foot long boards a short distance to the foundation to form a frame, and then floor jousts. Then we will add subfloor caulking and 8 X 4 foot sheets of plywood. Everything will be secured using nail guns. All volunteers will be required to sign a waiver, wear a hard hat, gloves, and eye protection which will be supplied, if needed. Depending on your dietary needs you may bring a lunch, and/or snack. There will be water coolers available, but, of course, volunteers can bring a water bottle with their favorite beverage. Floor installation can be completed in 3-5 working hours.
Two partner families are competing for this home. They have successfully completed the application process, home budget and personal finance course, home maintenance course, and conflict/resolution course. Both are saving monthly for a down payment on a mortgage. The only outstanding requirement is to fulfill sweat equity; therefore, you may be working along side the perspective homeowner. Whichever family completes their hours first will move into this home. The other will need to wait for the next home to be built.
It is important to know that this mission is not a “hand-out”. It is a “hand-up”. As you can see partner families have to work hard to own their home. Volunteers will not be just building a home; you will be helping to build a future.
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