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Prayer Quilt Ministry


Every one of us has seen the lovely quilts that appear in Fellowship Hall almost weekly, and most of us know that they come from the talented hands of Heide Schumann and Linda Makranczy. But not too many folks have witnessed what happens when one of those quilts is presented to an unsuspecting person. It is an amazing and emotional event which proves that this prayer quilt ministry is so valuable in spreading the news of South Plains Presbyterian Church.
I presented Keegan’s quilt just yesterday to her grandmother, and it was an uplifting moment that I won’t soon forget. She couldn’t believe that people who did not know Keegan personally would have prayed for her all summer and tied each knot in the quilt with prayer for her. Tears of joy streamed down her face. She wanted to know about the church, where it was, and how to get there. She was very appreciative that Heide had included a book for each of the other two children.
Thank you to Heide and the folks who make these wonderful quilts to go out in our community to spread the news of South Plains to all who hear of this ministry. -Linda Harrison


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