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If God asked you to pass His love onto someone in need of His comfort - would you do it? 

The prayer-know that you tie on a quilt does just that. Each quilt is a visible, tangible, touchable reminder that God's love can be passed on through us. Our Pray Quilt Ministry at South Plains Presbyterian Church began in 2008. The quilts were prayed over throughout the course of being quilted and sewn and, initially, were made without any ties or knots. After a few "no quilt years", the quilts began to have ties sen into them, so that congregation members could say an individual prayer while tying a know. Since February 2011 we have delivered about 130 quilts to individuals coping with illness or loss, or on some life journey where God's comfort was especially needed. Some quilts stay within our church families, others have been sent to Pennsylvania, New York and as far away as California. When you want to help the person in need, the simple act of tying the prayer know can be a humbling experience. 


Every one of us has seen the lovely quilts that appear in Fellowship Hall almost weekly, and most of us know that they come from the talented hands of Heide Schumann and Linda Makranczy. But not too many folks have witnessed what happens when one of those quilts is presented to an unsuspecting person. It is an amazing and emotional event which proves that this prayer quilt ministry is so valuable in spreading the news of South Plains Presbyterian Church.